Month: September 2011


Brenthaven Bionic iPad 2 Case

Brenthaven recently released its latest Bionic iPad 2 case. if you’re looking for a practical and eco-friendly protective case for your iPad 2, let’s go on checking.

Pacman Wind-Up Toys

The pursuing between Pacman and Ghosts has been moved from 8-bit virtual world to your desk. Who do you think is the final winner, Pacman or Blinky? Let’s go …

Thanko USB Multi-Touch Pad

As we know, Apple Magic Trackpad isn’t compatible with PC, but if you want to experience the fun of multi touch, Thanko’s USB multi-touch pad may be a nice …

Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver

We have introduced some excellent wireless speakers, but if you want to enjoy wireless music via common speaker system, Belkin Bluetooth music receiver should be a perfect solution.