16 Chat Pillows Traversing Popular Internet Slangs

Do you feel confident to say that you’ve grasped all Internet slangs? Anyway, we lack the confidence, so this set of chat pillows was searched out by us. No doubt, they’ll help us learn these welcome slangs.

16 Chat Pillows Traversing Popular Internet Slangs

This set of chat pillows totally has 16 unique pillows themed by those staple Internet slangs appearing in various instant messengers and social networks such as Twitter, MSN, and etc. These slangs include Fail, LOL, FTW, OMG, noob, wtf, and more. Each chat pillow measures about 11 x 9 inches, and features an unique Internet slang. Apart from that, the pillow is made of 100% fleece by hand, and filled with polyester fibers.

16 Chat Pillows Traversing Popular Internet Slangs

Each kind of chat pillows is available in six colors, each one is priced at $29 USD. If you’re interested, jump to throwboy for more details.

By the way, if you like these chat pillows, you might like to check the RSS Feed pillow and the DOS screen pillow.

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