White iPhone 4 Finally Available

You could disguise your black iPhone 4 as white one using vinyl decals before, but now the real white iPhone 4 is finally available.

White iPhone 4 Finally Available

Compared with the black iPhone 4 released in June last year, the fresh white iPhone 4 features an elongated proximity sensor above the receiver of the front panel instead of black version’s little hole, while other some little changes also include black interior coating of 30-pin connector and 3.5mm audio jack. White iPhone 4 comes in with versions for AT&T and Verizon. Of course, white iPhone 4 also features the same price as the black version.

White iPhone 4 Finally Available

Whether AT&T or Verizon white iPhone 4 model, the price starts from $199 USD along with a per month plan. If you’re interested, jump to Apple Store for more details.

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