ViewSonic Ebook Reader, VEB612


ViewSonic, like most manufacturers, has extended its tentacles to ebook reader market. VEB612 is the first e-reader produced by ViewSonic. We have no idea whether the e-reader is the same good as its display. Let’s check out.

The ViewSonic VEB612 comes with 6-inch LCD screen, 512MB internal memory and SD card port up to 4GB. The supporting file formats include PDF, TXT, ePub, HTML, PRC and MP3. VEB612 has a clear interface with a little white button, and streamline cornors, I think the interface is the most bright of VEB612.


Now you can get it for about $259 USD on the Internet.

Product Page (unavailable), but don’t miss Kobo Aura H2O eReader and more cool stuff by following tags.



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