Viddy Build-it-Yourself Pinhole Camera

We don’t have too much skills to build a camera with some cardboard, so we need a template and some accessories such as the following Viddy built-it-yourself pinhole camera.

Viddy Build-it-Yourself Pinhole Camera

The Viddy is a fun and adorable cardboard pinhole camera kit that helps you build a pinhole camera by yourself. As shown in the images, the completed pinhole camera sports a pretty cute and old-school design and just opening its shutter for a few seconds, you can capture vintage photos, moreover, the pinhole camera comes with a reclaimed medium format, so it works with standard 35mm and medium format 120mm film. Of course, the premise is that you need to spend about 30 minutes on building the pinhole camera.

Viddy Build-it-Yourself Pinhole Camera

Viddy cardboard pinhole camera is priced at $64 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Photojojo online store for more details.

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