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UpRight Wearable Device for Perfect Posture

May 22, 2014 | In: Apple Gadgets, Cellphone Gadgets, Cool Gadgets, Health Gadgets

How to improve your posture? You can find out various tips and physical products, but if you need a smart way to achieve it, the UpRight wearable device should be more suitable for you.

UpRight Wearable Device for Perfect Posture

The UpRight is an innovative and practical wearable smart device designed to train your body to stand and sit upright for perfect posture. The wearable device sports a portable and ergonomic design for comfortable wearing and accurate reading, and using a gentle hypoallergenic adhesive, you can easily attach UpRight on your lower back. The wearable device features built-in sensor that constantly monitors the wearer’s posture. By a gentle vibration the wearable device is able to remind you of correcting body alignment in order to help you improve your posture and prevent from back pain. Moreover, UpRight also features built-in bluetooth technology that allows it to connect with your smartphone, and custom training app lets you set training goals for your back muscles and get posture analytics and statistics.

UpRight Wearable Device for Perfect Posture

The team of UpRight is raising fund via Indiegogo. You can pledge $59 to own the wearable device. If you need it, jump to Indiegogo official site for more details or have a look at the following demo video first.

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