Txtr E-book Reader Coming Soon

As we know, nowadays more and more people enjoy reading with a digital device, etc cell phone or Amazon Kindle. It’s a popular trend. Txtr, a new product of e-book reader device, designed by Wizpac, a Germany company, will be in retail in December in Europe and US.

Txtr E-book Reader

Txtr E-book Reader

Txtr’s features include:

  • 6″, 600×800 display with orientation sensor
  • 8GB of storage (SDHC)
  • 151mmx12mm, 300g
  • 532Mhz CPU
  • 64MB of RAM
  • WIFI-G, 2.4Ghz proprietary wireless P2P network

Users also can browse Internet through signing up one of data plans with monthly subscriptions ranging from $18 to $22 per month. As a reader device, users maybe would much rather read materials saved in internal aor external storage with Txtr. Similar to Kindle, Txtr aren’t cheap. Not everyone can accept the price of $476. BTW, the latest Kindle Paperwhite may be more suitable option.

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