Turn Your Living Room into TARDIS

Everyone has dreams, for those faithful fans of Doctor Who, one of dreams is to turn their living room into TARDIS.

Turn Your Living Room into TARDIS

Normal Jean, an artist, musician living in Portland, dressed the door of living room like the iconic blue police box from Doctor Who, so if you want to start a fantastic time travel, the best way is to visit the artist in Seattle.

By the way, if you need more Doctor Who Tardises, you might like to check TARDIS tea infuser, TARDIS money bank, and more via “Tardis” tag.

Turn Your Living Room into TARDIS Source

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  • I’m actually planning to build a full-size TARDIS for a couple people. One girl plans to put her bed inside it. This should be fun. Check out my DeviantArt page if you want to see them when they’re finished. My username is Blodhramr, and the url is directly to my profile. At least one should be finished within a month. Have fun and remember, never eat earwax, stay away from the grass, and above all, don’t blink.