Tron Legacy Styled Glowing Hoodie

Which are the brightest features in that digital universe from upcoming movie Tron Legacy? The glowing uniform should be one among them. Now the glowing design is used on the hoodie.

Tron Legacy Styled Glowing Hoodie

As we have seen, except the tight-fitting style, the unique hoodie called Legacy of Flynn has almost all features of the hi-tech clothing from the sci-fi movie, and makes you like a real citizen in Tron world. At present, Legacy of Flynn by HDDoodie is accepting votes. If you want to see the Tron Legacy styled glowing hoodie on the market, take a vote on it.

Tron Legacy Styled Glowing Hoodie

By the way, don’t forget to check the LimbGear iHood interactive hoodie.

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will this ever be available to buy???


Yeah, I think I would kill for this hoodie!!! Is it still just in thought process?


I love the look,How bright will this Hoodie glow under a black light or at a club?
Is it available yet?I would like to purchase 2 so far