Toymail An App-Enabled Mailbox for Kids

Want a simple and interesting way to keep in touch with your little kids wherever you’re? take a look at Toymail, the app-enabled mailbox may be a nice solution.
Toymail An App-Enabled Mailbox for Kids

The Toymail is an app-enabled kid-friendly mailbox that measures 10 x 15 x 10cm. As shown in the images, the mailbox comes in five different models, and each one sports an adorable carton animal design. Moreover, using built-in WiFi connectivity, the mailbox is capable of joining in your local network in order that you can use your smartphone with Toymail app to record a voice message and send it to your kids, and the WiFi-enabled messager can speaker it back to your kids in a funny voice or your own, while your kids can also reply through the cute Toymail and even carry on a two-way conversation. Apart from that, you can subscribe their Daily Toymailer that can deliver your kids a fun, add-free greeting every day.
Toymail An App-Enabled Mailbox for Kids
The Toymail app-enabled mailbox comes in six designs and is priced at $59 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Toymail official site for more details or check out the following demo video first.

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