Thief 4 Out of the Shadows Game Trailer

Eidos Montreal has released the first game trailer of Thief 4 Out of Shadows. If you’re eagerly waiting for the stealth game, don’t miss the over one minute game trailer.

Thief 4 Out of the Shadows Game Trailer

Thief 4: Out of Shadows is the latest installation of the Thief video game series developed by Eidos Montreal. The video game is set in a fictional city combined with the style of Victorian and steampunk art, and the city has been dominated by a tyrant called “The Baron”. when plague is raging in the city the members of high society still enjoy their luxurious life and turn a deaf ear to the suffering poor. Garrett, a master thief aspires to change the dark city using his excellent abilities. Thief 4: Out of Shadow will be released in 2014. After the break, check out the game trailer of the video game.

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