The WWWING Modular Done Can Fly, Sail and Drive

With three interchangeable modules the WWWING modular drone can fly, sail and drive. Sounds great? Let’s have a look.


Seyon Kim, a designer from J2MN, a Korean design studio came up with the pretty fun modular drone concept named WWWING. As we can see from the images, the drone has a compact, capsule-shaped main body that features a built-in camera in order to capture capture pictures and videos, and app-enabled design allows you to easily control the mini camera drone on your smartphone.

WWWING Modular Done WWWING Modular Done WWWING Modular Done

More importantly, as a modular drone, the WWWING features three interchangeable modules including a pair of wings, two wheels and two floatable hulls, so it not only flies in the air, but also fits on the ground or runs like a tiny boat. After the break, check out the images about the concept.

WWWING Modular Done WWWING Modular Done

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