The Slim Wallet

No doubt, you can find out various beautiful wallets for your money and cards. But if you just want a minimalistic way to hold your credit cards, the Slim wallet should be able to catch your eyes.

The Slim Wallet

The Slim is a practical, stylish wallet that measures only 3mm ion thickness, and designed for those who hate schlepping around a bunch of unnecessary stuff in pockets. As we can see from the images, the wallet features super-thin and fashionable design, and using durable, elastic design, the slim wallet is able to stretch and wrap tightly around your cards, whether ten or two cards, the slim wallet will never lose the ability to grip your cards. Apart from that, the RFID-friendly design allows you to conveniently use your smart cases without taking them from the wallet.

The Slim Wallet
The Slim Wallet
The Slim Wallet

At present, the designers of the Slim wallet are raising fund on Kickstarter. Pledge $25 will let you own the wallet. If you’re interested, jump to Kickstarter for more details.

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I’ve seen some reviews in your website and it would be nice to read something about a new campaign on
It’s a new kind of wallet: minimalist, soft, flexible and ultra slim. It’s called “In1 Wallet” and looks attractive. It’s a very interesting product.
Please, support funding this Project on and help by spreading the word. Thank you.