The Pocket Light Reflector

Need a handy way to enhance highlights for awesome photos? Take a look at the pocket light reflector, it should be able to meet your requirements.

The Pocket Light Reflector

This is a portable light reflector that measures 12 inches in diameter. As we can see from the images, the light reflector features two practical reflective sides including the silver side reflects bright concentrated light for spotlight effect, and the white side bounces softer natural-looking light in order that you can use the light reflector to get better light for high quality photos without lugging complicated equipment. Apart from that, the light reflector also features foldable design so you can conveniently fold it on up and put it into your pocket.

The Pocket Light Reflector
The Pocket Light Reflector

The pocket light reflector is priced at $15 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Photojojo online store for more details.

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We’re releasing an NFC ring in a few weeks and wondered if you wnated to take a first hand look at it? 🙂 If so drop me through your address on an email and we can go from there.