The Multi-Use Car Safety Device Provides You Help for Some Emergents

With multiple integrated tools, the multi-use car safety device provides your necessary help for some emergents. Sounds great? Let’s keep going for the multi-tool for car.

Multi-Use Car Safety Device

This is a multi functional safety device dedicatedly designed for vehicles. As shown in the images, the multi tool shows off a compact design that makes it take up very little vehicle space, and it’s constructed of ABS for durability.

As a multi-tool, the car safety device features five integrated ingenious tools including a flashlight, LED safety torch, hammer, seatbelt cutter and 4 strong magnets. Every tool adds more chances of surviving from those critical accidents.

Multi-Use Car Safety Device

The pricing of multi-use car safety device hasn’t been unveiled, but if you’re interested, jump to IPPINKA for its more details.

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