The Headphone Shaped Bookends

Apparently you can’t use the special headphones to enjoy your favorite music, but if you need a unique way to organize your books, the headphone shaped bookends may be able to draw your attention.

The Headphone Shaped Bookends

This is a set of exquisite bookends inspired by headphones. As we can see from the images, the bookends are designed based on a pair headphones, when you put the two parts of the bookends together, it looks like a pair of headphones resting on a holder. Of course, you will never take the headphones from the holder, but the headphone shaped bookends are from metal, and features nice details and gorgeous coating in order that you can use it to keep your books in place in a pretty cool way.

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The Headphone Shaped Bookends

The set of headphone shaped bookends is priced at $49 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Urban Outfitters for more details. Additionally, If you need other options you might like to check the katana bookends and more via “bookends” tag.

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