The Handmade 8-Bit Xbox Controller Rug

Need a few matching gadgets to decorate your gaming room? Take a look at the handmade 8-bit Xbox controller rug, it may be a nice idea.

The Handmade 8-Bit Xbox Controller Rug

This is a pretty cool and cozy rug inspired by Xbox 360 game controller, and handmade by Harmonden from Detroit. As we can see from the images, the rug is shaped as a giant Xbox game controller along with gorgeous details, and features unique 8-bit style. Moreover, the 8-bit rug measures approx 55 x 35 inches, and is made with 288 single squares, apart from that, the cozy rug is super tough and machine washable.

The handmade 8-bit Xbox controller rug is priced at $65 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for more details.

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