The First iPhone 4 Crossbones Decal

As far as we know, iPhone 4 is around the corner. Just as the former first iPad decals, this time, crossbones decal first stood on iPhone 4 again.

The First iPhone 4 Crossbones Decal

The iPhone 4 decal comes from LastFuse, a Etsy seller. It’s made of vinyl material, and be shaped as the crossbones. Just like the most decals, the iPhone 4 decal can be removed easily without leaving any residue.

The First iPhone 4 Crossbones Decal

This is the first decal designed for iPhone 4 although it seems so simple. The crossbones iPhone 4 decal costs $2 USD. If you need, it’s available at Etsy. Of course, we’d better wait patiently, undoubtedly many iPhone 4 decals will come into market soon.

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