The Bunker Ring Phone Stand

Not every protective case features an integrated phone stand, but if you want one, you may like to attach the Bunker Ring phone stand on the back of your smartphone.

The Bunker Ring Phone Stand

The Bunker Ring is a versatile and functional phone stand that measures 4.8 x 3.8 x 7cm and weights 12g. As shown in the images, the phone stand sports a sleek, ultra slim design along with five optional gorgeous coatings in order to perfectly match with your smartphone. The ring is rotatable at 360 degrees. When Bunker Ring stays on the back of your phone, it offers you a secure and comfortable grip. Moreover, the metal ring works as a phone stand that supports landscape viewing mode for handsfree viewing. When not in use, the ring can be retracted in order that you can put your phone in your pocket with ease. Apart from that, you can easily remove the stand from your smartphone without leaving residues, and washing allows you to use the adhesive surface several times.

The Bunker Ring Phone Stand

The Bunker Ring phone stand comes in six colors and is priced at $19.6 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Strapya World online store for more details.

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