The Bullet is the World’s Smallest LED Flashlight

It’s not the smallest bullet in the world, but it’s the world’s smallest bullet-shaped LED flashlight. Want to load it on pro your keychain? Let’s keep checking.

The Bullet is the World's Smallest LED Flashlight

Slughaus’s Bullet is the world’s smallest LED flashlight that only measures 30mm length by 10.5mm wide and just weights 6 grams, so it delivers an ultra compact and lightweight design, and the LED flashlight is shaped like a small bullet. Meanwhile, integrated triangle ring allows you to easily attach the special bullet onto your keychain, and its durable aero-grade anodized aluminum casing protects internal components, and the matte finish delivers a refined and premium feeling.

The Bullet is the World's Smallest LED Flashlight

As a LED flashlight, the Bullet comes equipped with a 3mm LED unit that provides 15 lumen output, and it’s powered by three LR41 button cell batteries. Apart from that, reliable housing allows you to use it for illumination in any weather like rain, sleet, snow and more.

The Bullet is the World's Smallest LED Flashlight The Bullet is the World's Smallest LED Flashlight

The Bullet has been available for preorder on Kickstarter. You can pledge $17 to own the ultra compact LED flashlight. It will be shipped in May 2016. Can’t wait? You may like to check the LED flashlight integrated car charger and more related gadgets by following tags. Update: the LED flashlight has also been available for $15 on Amazon.

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