Thanko Hands-free Bluetooth Watch

Undoubtedly the Thanko watch is more functional than those bluetooth headsets. If you don’t mind answering your phones a little like using talkie and walkie, let’s go on.

Thanko Hands-free Bluetooth Watch

Thanko Hands-free Bluetooth watch measures 48 x 18 x 207mm. From the images, the Bluetooth watch features a stylish and simple look, of course what is the most importance is the bluetooth technology integrated in the watch. After charged about two hours, it can work about 6 hours.

This Thanko bluetooth watch is priced at about $130 USD. If you are interested, you can jump to GeekStuff4U for more details, the watch has been unavailable but you may like to check more advanced smartwatch.

Thanko Hands-free Bluetooth WatchThanko Hands-free Bluetooth WatchThanko Hands-free Bluetooth Watch

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