Tessina Vintage Camera Can be Worn on Your Wrist

It’s not a futuristic wearable laser weapon, but a vintage camera that can be worn on our wrist. Cool enough? Let’s continue checking Tessina 35mm camera introduced in 1957.

Tessina Wearable Vintage Camera

Catchooo, a Reddit user recently inherited the vintage wearable camera called Tessina from his grandfather and displayed some photos about it via imgur, which undoubtedly drew lots of attention on the Internet.

Tessina Wearable Vintage Camera Tessina Wearable Vintage Camera

Based on Wikipedia, the vintage camera was invented by Australian chemical engineer Dr. Steineck. The 35mm subminiature camera comes with a leather strap that allows photographer to wear it on the wrist. We’re not sure whether it’s the first wearable camera, but it’s curtain that the Tessina is ahead of the times even today.

Tessina Wearable Vintage Camera

The wearable camera is able to take 14x21mm pictures. It features a very small twin lens reflex system and has two 25mm f/2.8 Tessinon lenses, one for taking photos, another for viewing via a tiny ground-glass focusing screen on top of the camera. The film advance mechanism consists of a clockwork master spring, a takeup spool and a wristwatch crown-like pullout winder. Each winding allows up to 8 exposures. After the break, check out the images about the wearable camera.

Tessina Wearable Vintage Camera Tessina Wearable Vintage Camera

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