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We have introduced lots of interesting mugs, but if you’re a faithful fan of The Beatles, the following yellow submarine coffee mug should be able to draw your more attention.

Yellow Submarine Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug

Need a perfect way to open your favorite beer when you sit and sing the Fab Four’s “Yellow Submarine” at the campfire? Apparently the following bottle opener is a nice idea.

Yellow Submarine Bottle Opener

No doubt, The Beatles is one of the famous rock bands in the history of popular music. If you also like their songs, the Beatles mug with yellow submarine graphic should be able to catch your eyes.

The Beatles Mug with Yellow Submarine Graphic

Apparently our story about The Beatles yellow submarine hasn’t finished yet. Now let’s go on checking the cookie cutter themed by the yellow submarine.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cookie Cutter

You like the classical Yellow Submarine by The Beatles? Then you should be familiar with that yellow submarine on the album cover. Do you think the ice cube tray look like the submarine?

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ice Cube Tray

The cute yellow submarine comes back again, but this time it turns into a AM/FM waterproof radio for our colorful holidays in the hot summer.