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ZAGG has unveiled Pocket, their latest foldable Bluetooth keyboard. With its integrate stand, it provides a comfortable typing experience with your iPhone or iPad. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking.

ZAGG Pocket Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand

The E-ink keys are customizable for different purposes. If you like the flexible and innovative design, let’s go on checking Jaasta wireless keyboard with E-ink keys and touchpad.

Jaasta Wireless Keyboard with E-Ink Keys

We have seen many nice keyboard cases and wireless keyboards, but if you still want a more convenient typing experience, the following portable Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad may be more suitable for you.

The Portable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad

Need a handy Bluetooth keyboard to being you a comfortable and precise typing experience? Take a look at Logitech’s latest Keys-To-Go portable keyboard, it may be a nice option.

Logitech Keys-To-Go Portable Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS Devices

Belkin has released QODE Ultimate Pro, a new keyboard case for iPad Air. If you like detachable wireless keyboard, the iPad Air case should be suitable for you.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro iPad Air Keyboard Case

Microsoft has announced its latest Universal Mobile Keyboard for tablets and smartphones. No double, the Bluetooth keyboard can bring you more comfortable typing experience than those non-feedback touch screens.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Announced

Logitech recently released a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard – K480. If you need a wireless keyboard that works with your computer, smartphone and tablet, let’s go on checking.

Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Satechi has released its latest gadget – Bluetooth wireless smart keyboard. Have you been tired of compact keyboard layout? The full-size Bluetooth keyboard may be more suitable for you.

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keyboard