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Using your gestures, you not only control your computer, but also your smartphone and tablet. Sounds pretty cool? Let’s go on checking the following Flow wireless controller.

Flow Wireless Controller Lets You Control Your Devices with Gestures

Need a universal game controller to play those immersive mobile games on your tablet or smartphone? Have a look at iPega’s Bluetooth Telescopic controller, it may be a nice option.

iPega Bluetooth Telescopic Game Controller for Smartphones and Tablets

The gamepad is also capable of bringing your 8-bit memories to your smartphones and tablets. If you like the old-school design, let’s go on checking NES30, a NES inspired Bluetooth game controller.

NES30 NES Inspired Bluetooth Game Controller

We have seen many nice wireless game controllers for Android and iOS devices, but if you have owned DualShock 3 game controller, you may like to use GameHook HG-101 to connect it with your Android phone.

GameHook GH-101 Connects Your Android Phone with DualShock 3 Game Controller

NVIDIA has announced its latest gaming tablet – SHIELD Tablet and a custom designed wireless game controller. If you need a comfortable way to play your favorite mobile games, the Android tablet may be more suitable for you.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Wireless Game Controller Announced

In addition to Fire TV, Amazon also announced a dedicatedly designed game controllerAmazon Fire Game Controller. Want to fully enjoy various games via Amazon’s set-top box? The wireless controller should a nice solution.

Amazon Fire Game Controller Announced

We have features several nice remote shutters for DSLR cameras and smartphones, but if you need more controls, the CASE wireless controller may be more suitable for you.

The CASE Wireless Controller for DSLR Cameras

Griffin Technology has refurbished their PowerMate controller and announced its latest PowerMate Bluetooth controller for Mac. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth Controller for Mac Announced