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iPad undoubtedly is a great productivity tool, but if you want to more comfortably deal with your documents, you may need a suitable physical keyboard. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Belkin’s secure wired keyboard. It may be suitable for you.

Belkin Secure Wired Keyboard with Lightning Connector for iPad

Griffin Technology recently released its latest wired keyboard for iOS devices. Need a more comfortable typing experience and don’t worry battery life? The iOS keyboard may be suitable for you.

Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS Devices

Want to comfortably use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to edit your documents? Apparently you need a real keyboard instead of hard touchscreen such as Macally’s wired keyboard.

Macally Wired Keyboard for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

Logitech has released a wired keyboard for iPad. If you need a comfortable typing experience on your iPad or iPad mini at home or in office, the wired keyboard may be able to catch your eyes.

Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad