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Want to use your smartphone to automatically turn on lamp, track power usage, remotely monitor your room, and etc? Take a look at Benki, the app-enabled smart kit may be a nice solution.

Benki App Enabled Smart Kit

We have introduced a few surge protectors with USB ports, but if you need more USB ports or a more convenient charging way, the Zaryadkus USB wall outlet with integrated holder would be a nice solution.

Zaryadkus USB Wall Outlet with Integrated Holder

Want to conveniently charge your USB gadgets and easily power other electric devices? Take a look at Pivot Power Mini, the wall plug with 2 USB ports should be able to help you.

Pivot Power Mini Wall Plug with 2 USB Ports

Apparently it’s not very easy to install a new wall outlet with USB ports into the wall for some people. But if you also need a handy way to charge your mobile devices at home, the plug-in USB wall outlet should be able to catch your eyes.

The Plug-in USB Wall Outlet

Many talented designers have been looking for various ways to guide you to insert your plug into wall outlet in the dark, while the latest design concept is the following LOL guided wall outlet.

LOL Guided Wall Outlet Design Concept

Want a more convenient way to charge USB-enabled devices like iPhones, Android phones and more? The universal wall outlet with USB port should be able to meet your requirements.

Universal Wall Outlet with USB Port

How many times had you forgotten to unplug your gadgets that were charging via wall outlet? Don’t want to happen this matter again? The concept wall outlet Dialug should be able to help us in the near future.

Dialug Concept Wall Outlet with Integrated Timer

We’re in the digital age full of USB gadgets. If you’re not sure whether you have enough USB ports to feed your devices, let’s go on checking U-Socket wall outlet with two USB ports.

U-Socket Wall Outlet with Two USB Ports