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The omnipotent sacred relic from the Legend of Zelda is capable of illuminating your room at night. Want to see the ancient golden power? Let’s go on checking the Triforce wall lamp.

The Legend of Zelda Triforce Wall Lamp

Apparently the block with question mark doesn’t have 1UP or super mushroom, but if you want to illuminate your room, the Super Mario styled pendant lamp will help you.

Super Mario Styled Pendant Lamp

Apparently it’s not easy to hang your table lamp from the ceiling at home, but if you want, the following Lumio portable lamp should be a nice option.

Lumio Multi Purpose Portable Lamp

It’s really fun idea. Bring a speech bubble to the wall. Not only brighten your room, but also reminder you to challenge those difficult zones in World of Warcraft.

Speech Bubble Snakkes Wall Lamp