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Need a stylish way to take your new iPad and other essentials on the go? Take look at Vaja’s messenger bag, maybe it’s able to catch your eyes.

Vaja Messenger Bag

Following the release of the new iPad, Vaja’s latest leather case line for iPad 3 is also online. If you prefer genuine leather case instead of plastic case, let’s go on checking Vaja’s Smart Grip iPad 3 case.

Vaja Smart Grip Leather iPad 3 Case

Following the release of Apple iPad 2, Vaja has also released its latest custom iPad 2 leather case series. Let’s go on checking one of them: Agenda iPad 2 leather case.

Vaja Agenda Custom iPad 2 Leather Case

For the new Apple MacBook Air, Vaja released several customizable leather MacBook Air cases. The following is one of them.

Vaja Premium Leather Macbook Air Case

After a long waiting, Vaja finally released its latest custom Mini Leather Bag for tablet PC. If you’re looking for a suitable bag for your fresh tablet, let’s go on checking.

Vaja Mini Leather Bag for Tablet PC

Several days ago Apple released two new models of MacBook Air. Have you brought it home? Anyway, the Vaja custom MacBook Air leather case may keep the machine more safe and more fashionable.

Vaja Custom MacBook Air Leather Case

Vaja has released several customizable leather cases for iPhone 4. Our favorite one is the iVolution Stripes iPhone 4 leather case until now.

Vaja iVolution Stripes iPhone 4 Leather Case

About one month after releasing Agenda iPad leather case, Vaja launched its latest Agenda 2 iPad leather case.

Vaja Agenda 2 iPad Leather Case