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USB keyboard, stereo speaker system and MP3 player have been packed into the cylinder. If you need the three or more functions, the following USB folded keyboard may be able to meet your requirement

USB Folded Keyboard with Stereo Speaker and MP3 Player

Apparently it’s not very easy to completely clean off a computer keyboard. If you don’t want to struggle with the dust between the keys, maybe Logitech washable K310 computer keyboard will be suitable for you.

Logitech K310 Washable Computer Keyboard

We like those eco-friendly gadgets from bamboo such as the following USB bamboo computer keyboard and mouse.

USB Bamboo Computer Keyboard and Mouse

We’re not sure whether the bamboo wooden computer keyboard and mouse can tie in with everyone’s typing habit. But the combo must be much more eco-friendly than plastic keyboard and mouse.

All Natural Full Bamboo Wooden Computer Keyboard and Mouse

Apparently not everyone has a big tabletop for various devices. If you also encountered the problem, go on checking the UBoard USB keyboard shelf.

UBoard USB Keyboard Shelf Integrated USB Hub

Compared with most of common computer keyboard and mouse made from plastic, we prefer the eco-friendly wood keyboard and mouse just like the following set.

Bamboo Wood USB Keyboard and Mouse