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The Bamboo Charging Station Boasts Integrated Apple Watch Charger, USB Hub and More Features

Using integrated Apple Watch charger and iPhone dock, the bamboo charging station charges your Apple Watch and iPhone, and built-in USB hub allows to charge your more devices.

The Bamboo Charging Station with Apple Watch Charger and USB Hub


ExoHub Monitor Stand with USB Hub Works with iMac and Thunderbolt Display

With the help of its elegant design, ExoHub monitor stand decently works with your iMac or Thunderbolt display, and integrated USB hub brings you much convenience for connecting more devices to your iMac or Apple display.

ExoHub Monitor Stand with USB Hub for iMac and Thunderbolt Display


Smart Dock Apple Watch Charging Station with an Extra USB Port

The cone is built to dock your Apple Watch for charging, and an extra USB port charges your other devices or serves as a USB hub. Like the design? Let’s go on for Smart Dock Apple Watch charging station.

Smart Dock Apple Watch Charging Station


Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand with Integrated USB 3.0 Hub

Satechi has announced a new aluminum headphone stand to hold your premium headphones in stylish way, and integrated USB 3.0 hub charges your mobile devices conveniently.

Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand with USB 3.0 Hub


Stone Desk Lamp Boasts Sleek Design and Integrated USB Hub

The its sleek design, the Stone desk lamp provides you a stylish and elegant way to illuminate your room, and its integrated USB hub lets you charge your mobile devices with ease. Like the idea? Let’s keep going.

Stone Desk Lamp with Integrated USB Hub


Satechi Type-C USB Hub Lets Your MacBook Connect with More Devices

With Satachi’s latest portable Type-C USB hub, you will never be limited by the only USB-C port of your new MacBook, and connecting more devices with your MacBook. Cool? Let’s keep going.

Satechi Type-C USB Hub for MacBook


The Skull USB Hub with Desk Organizer Adds More Halloween Atmosphere on Your Desk

Halloween is coming soon. Need some creepy gadgets to add more Halloween atmosphere in your room? Take a look at the skull USB hub with desk organizer. It may be a nice idea.

Skull USB Hub with Desk Organizer



Star Wars 4-Port R2-D2 USB Hub

The mini R2-D2 can’t project holographic Leia for communication, but using 4 USB ports, the Star Wars R2-D2 USB hub can power your various USB gadgets. Cool? Let’s keep going.

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Hub


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