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Game of Thrones Character USB Flash Drives

These Game of Thrones figurines not only fit in your showcase, but also work with your computer, transmitting your files. Cool? Let’s go on for the Game of Thrones character USB flash drives.

Game of Thrones Character USB Drives


Handmade Personalized Wooden USB Flash Drive

Except built-in flash memory, the handmade wood USB flash drive can be personalized by choosing your favorite font, image, and wooden material, so you can send a one-of-a-kind gift to your best friend. Cool? Let’s keep going.

Handmade Personalized Wood USB Flash Drive


The Disney Zootopia Character USB Flash Drives

Do you like brave Judy, resourceful Nick or both of them? Then the Disney Zootopia character USB flash drives should also catch your eye. Right? Let’s keep going.

Disney Zootopia Character USB Flash Drives


Marvel SHIELD and Hydra OTG USB Flash Drives with MicroUSB Port

With one of both, You can clearly define your position between SHIELD and Hydra. Of course, you can also use the Marvel SHIELD or Hydra OTG USB flash drive to store your secret documents.

Marvel SHIELD and Hydra OTG USB Flash Drives


iKlips DUO USB Lightning Flash Drive for iOS, Mac and PC

Following original iKlips released last year, Adam Elements has announced iKlips DUO, its latest USB Lightning flash drive for iOS, Mac and PC. Need more storage capacity for your handset? Let’s keep reading.

iKlips DUO MFi Certified USB Lightning Flash Drive


DMstick is a USB Flash Drive Designed for iPhone and iPad

Using integrated USB and Lightning connectors, DMstick USB flash drive is able to works with your iOS devices and computers, and its L-shaped design make it easier to carry. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going.

DMstick USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad


Keyport Slide 3.0 Modular Multi-Tool Delivers You USB Drive, Bluetooth Locator, Pocketknife and More

We features Keyport Slide 2.0 three years ago. Now its successor Keyport Slide 3.0 modular multi-tool has been available for preorder. With its multiple modules, the tiny multi-tool key holder keeps your keys, USB drive, Bluetooth locator and other tools always with you.

Keyport Slide 3.0 Modular Multi-Tool



Batman Batarang USB Flash Drive

It’s a little pity that you can’t use the Batman’s weapon to confront those powerful supervillains, but with its built-in flash memory the Batman Batarang USB flash drive can store your important digital files.

Batman Batarang USB Flash Drive


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