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PNY has announced its latest brand licensing partnership with LEGO to release LEGO USB flash drive. Want to turn your USB drive into an amazing LEGO creation? Let go on checking.

PNY LEGO USB Flash Drive

Need more storage capacity to store your numerous photos and videos from your smartphone? Take a look at ZSUN portable wireless USB flash drive, it may be a nice solution.

ZSUN Portable Wireless USB Flash Drive

The latest installment of Transformers film series has been released. If you like it, the following Transformers: Age of Extinction USB flash may a also draw your attention.

The Transformers Age of Extinction USB Flash Drive

Functionality and artistry have been integrated into the pendant. If you also like steampunk, the following handmade mini steampunk USB flash drive pendant may draw your attention.

The Handmade Mini Steampunk USB Flash Drive Pendant

Want to be a member of House Stark or second to the King? Take a look at the following Game of Thrones USB flash drives, the brooch and the sigil will help you.

Game of Thrones USB Flash Drives

Forget your bulky external hard drive. MBLOK will provide you a large-capacity and ultra-compact way to store your files. Curious? Let’s keep checking the portable wireless storage device.

MBLOK An Ultra Compact Wireless Storage Device

How to expand the storage of your iPhone or iPad? You can use cloud severs and wireless hard drives, while the latest solution is the iStick USB flash drive with Lightning connector for iPhone and iPad.

iStick USB Flash Drive with Lightning Connector for iPhone and iPad

Sorry, the shield is not made from vibranium and adamantium compound and can’t be used to defeat any supervillain, but if you need to store data, the Captain America 2 OTG USB flash drive will be a pretty cool solution.

The Captain America 2 OTG USB Flash Drive