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The power bank not only charges your smartphone, but also keep your important files along with you. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking the Keycharge portable charger with built-in USB flash drive.

The Keycharge Portable Charger with Built-in USB Flash Drive

Need a pretty cool way to extend the storage capacity of your smartphone? If you’re a fan of Guardian of The Galaxy, the following Awesome Mixtape Volume 01 USB flash drive with micro USB connector should be a nice option.

Guardians of The Galaxy Awesome Mixtape Volume 01 USB Flash Drive with Micro USB Connector

How much storage is left in your iPhone or iPad? If you have no plan to buy a new device, maybe it will be a serious problem soon. Take a look Piconiser, the USB flash drive for iOS devices should be a nice solution.

Piconiser USB Flash Drive for iOS Devices

Apparently the tiny Serenity isn’t deigned for crew and cargo, but if you want a pretty cool way to transport your data between computers, the Firefly Serenity USB flash drive should be a nice option.

Firefly Serenity USB Flash Drive

SanDisk recently released iXpand, their latest USB flash drive series for iPhone and iPad with Lightning port. Need a handy way to expand the memory of your iOS device? The USB drive may be a nice solution.

SanDisk iXpand USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

5 phone lenses, a USB drive, and integrated tripod mount, undoubtedly the powerful protective case for iPhone 5/5s has caught our eyes. If you like phonegraphy, the Puzlook SLR multi-lens iPhone 5s case should be a nice option.

Puzlook SLR Multi-Lens iPhone 5s Case with USB Drive

Need a flexible way to expand the storage capacity of your iOS devices? If you have some redundant microSD cards, the i-FlashDrive USB flash drive may be a nice solution.

The i-FlashDrive USB Flash Drive for Lightning Enabled iOS Devices

Don’t worry, the blade of the tiny “katana” won’t cut your finger, and you can handily put it into your pocket with your importantly files. Sounds pretty cool? Let’s go on checking the samurai sword inspired USB flash drive.

Samurai Sword Inspired USB Flash Drive