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Smart lamp has come into our lives so more and more functions are being added in the smart gear. Like the addition? Let’s go on checking the Luma smart lamp with Bluetooth speaker and USB charger.

Luma Smart Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker and USB Charger

Sorry, the R2-series astromech droid won’t help you repair your vehicle, but if you want to charge your smartphone in your car, the Star Wars R2-D9 USB car charger will be a pretty cool solution.

Star Wars R2-D9 USB Car Charger

The Oku-dake doesn’t have built-in WiFi or Bluetooth, but it still offers a more handy way to amplify you music from smartphone. If you like the feature, let’s go on checking Thanko’s Oku-dake wireless speaker with USB charger.

Thanko Oku-dake Wireless Speaker with USB Charger

Apparently not every fan of Back to the Future can own an old Delorean DMC-12, but now you can easily use the Flux Capacity car charger to turn any car into a time machine. Curious? Let’s keep checking.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Car Charger

Satechi has recently released a new Flexible LED desk lamp. If you want to make your desk more neat and conveniently charger your smartphone, the LED lamp may interest you.

Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp with USB Charger

We have seen many nice ultra-portable power banks, but if you focus on high speed charging, the following LithiumCard portable charger may be more suitable for you.

LithiumCard High Speed Portable Charger

You can simply use a USB charger to charge your smartphone, but if you also need to sanitize your phone, the PhoneSoap UV smartphone sanitizer may be more suitable for you.

PhoneSoap UV Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger

The Ginko is not a table lamp that can illuminate in your room, but if you want an eco-friendly way to charge your mobile device at home, the tree inspired solar charger will help you.

The Ginko Tree Inspired Solar Charger