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It’s really pity that the bowl of noodles is not compatible with our stomach, but if you want a pretty cool way to make your smartphone or tablet upright, the delicious food universal stand will help you.

Delicious Food Universal Stand for Smartphone and Tablet

Need a portable stand to hold your iPad Air or Android tablet for comfortable use? Take a look at Plinth, the universal tablet stand may be able to catch your eyes.

Plinth Universal Tablet Stand Fits Your Pocket

Need a convenient stand to hold your iPhone or iPad for hands-free entertaining? Take a look at Kanex’s Foldable iDevice Stand, the universal stand may be a nice solution.

Kanex Foldable iDevice Stand for Smartphones and Tablets

You can find out various phone stands at our blog, but if you need a flexible and compact option, the Breffo Gumstick phone stand may be more suitable for you.

Breffo Gumstick Flexible Phone Stand

Need a universal option to make your iPhone, iPad and Android devices upright for handsfree entertaining. Take a look at MiStand, the universal stand may be able to meet your requirements.

MiStand Universal Stand for iOS and Android Devices

As a busy man you may need to deal with different documents between your iMac and iOS devices. Then you may like to check Kanex’s multi-sync Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Kanex Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iMac and iOS Devices

We have introduced many well-designed stands for iOS devices, but if you need more functions, you may like to check Opus, a universal stand and sound amplifier.

Opus Universal Stand and Sound Amplifier for iOS Devices

No doubt you can use your mobile devices to deal with documents on the go, but if you also want comfortable typing experience, you may need a Bluetooth keyboard such as iWalk’s Executive.

iWalk Executive Bluetooth Keyboard with Universal Stand