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Need a handy way to hold your smartphone or tablet for hands-free viewing? Have a look at IDAPT’s Sutra, the universal stand may be suitable for you.

IDAPT Sutra Universal Stand for Smartphone and Tablet

Twelve South has released its latest iPad standHoverBar 3. Need a flexible way to deploy your iPad or iPad mini? The universal stand should be a nice idea.

Twelve South HoverBar 3 iPad Stand

It’s really pity that the bowl of noodles is not compatible with our stomach, but if you want a pretty cool way to make your smartphone or tablet upright, the delicious food universal stand will help you.

Delicious Food Universal Stand for Smartphone and Tablet

Need a portable stand to hold your iPad Air or Android tablet for comfortable use? Take a look at Plinth, the universal tablet stand may be able to catch your eyes.

Plinth Universal Tablet Stand Fits Your Pocket

Need a convenient stand to hold your iPhone or iPad for hands-free entertaining? Take a look at Kanex’s Foldable iDevice Stand, the universal stand may be a nice solution.

Kanex Foldable iDevice Stand for Smartphones and Tablets

You can find out various phone stands at our blog, but if you need a flexible and compact option, the Breffo Gumstick phone stand may be more suitable for you.

Breffo Gumstick Flexible Phone Stand

Need a universal option to make your iPhone, iPad and Android devices upright for handsfree entertaining. Take a look at MiStand, the universal stand may be able to meet your requirements.

MiStand Universal Stand for iOS and Android Devices

As a busy man you may need to deal with different documents between your iMac and iOS devices. Then you may like to check Kanex’s multi-sync Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Kanex Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iMac and iOS Devices