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Undoubtedly it’s the coolest baby stroller that we have ever seen. Unfortunately the one-of-a-kind Batmobile just fits for baby Batman. We have no chance to drive it.


The Batmobile Baby Stroller Designed for Baby Batman

LEGO has announced its latest UCS Dark Knight Tumbler set. If you’re a faithful fan of Batman, the LEGO set should perfectly meet your taste.

LEGO UCS Dark Knight Tumbler Set Announced

Sorry, the Tumbler Batmobile isn’t designed to hold your iPhone 5/5s instead of your Batman figure. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Batman Tumbler Batmobile iPhone 5s case.

Batman Tumbler Batmobile iPhone 5s Case

You can easily purchase Batman LEGO brick building kit, but if you want to make your own Tumbler and The Bat LEGO models, the following two creations will help you.

Make Your Own Batman's Tumbler and The Bat with LEGO Bricks

We have featured many interesting and cool USB drives, but if you’re big fan of Batman, the following Batman Tumbler Batmobile USB flash drive should be able to draw your more attention.

Batman Tumbler Batmobile USB Flash Drive

We introduced the Batman Mez-Itz mini figure and Batmobile vehicle model several months ago. Now two new Batman Mez-Itz mini figure sets have been released by Mezco Toyz.

Batman Mez-Itz Mini Figure with Tumbler or Batpod Batmobile

The film Batman Begins hasn’t been screened for several years. Apparently many classical elements in the film aren’t forgotten such as Batman Tumbler Batmobile. However the following Tumbler doesn’t a mechanical bull, but a LEGO model.

Batman Tumbler Batmobile Created with LEGO Bricks