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Do you like using your iPhone 5/5s to take photos during travel? If your answer is yes, the [BRIC+] iPhone 5s case with backup battery, zoom lens and tripod mount should be suitable for you.

[BRIC+] iPhone 5s Case with Backup Battery, Zoom Lens & Tripod Mount

You like using your iPhone 5 to take photos in your daily life? Then you may like to check DiffCase’s PhoGo, the iPhone 5 case should be able to bring you better phonegraphy experience.

DiffCase PhoGo iPhone 5 Case

Do you like frequently using your smartphone to take photos or record videos? Then you may like to check Shoulderpod, a set of phone stand, tripod mount and camera grip.

Shoulderpod Phone Stand, Tripod Mount and Camera Grip

You have been tired of switching between your shoulder strap and tripod on your DSLR camera? Take a look at Fusion Plate, the tripod mount with shoulder strap attachment loop should be a nice solution.

The Fusion Plate Tripod Mount with Shoulder Strap Attachment Loop

Need to use your iPhone or Android phone to take awesome timelapse or long-exposure photographs? Apparently you need some photo apps and a tripod. Then you may like to check JackPod! the tripod mount for smartphones.

JackPod! Tripod Mount for Smartphones

You can use the rear camera of your iPhone or Galaxy S3 to capture amazing photos, but if you want a more tactile experience, the following snappgrip phone camera control should be able to catch your eyes.

Snappgrip Phone Camera Control for iPhone and Galaxy S3

Want to take awesome panorama photos with your DSLR camera or enhance your video chats with a stand? Take a look at Swivl, the multipurpose motion stand should be a nice solution.

Swivl Multipurpose Motion Stand for Smartphones, Tablets and Cameras

We have introduced many nice protective cases for iPhone 5, but if you like taking photos with your iPhone or want a handy way to charge the iOS device, the following ZOpro iPhone 5 case may be more suitable for you.

ZOpro iPhone 5 Case with Charging Cable and Tripod Mount