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We have introduced many nice tiny cameras, but if you need night vision function, the following Chobi Cam Pro 2 mini camera may be more suitable for you.

Chobi Cam Pro 2 Mini Camera with Night Vision

We don’t recommend using these special bricks to build creations, but if you want to take photos, JTT Chobi Cam Block mini camera may be able to catch your eyes.

JTT Chobi Cam Block Mini Camera

Want to capture every special moments in your life or organize them in order in your computer? Take a look at Memoto, the lifelogging wearable mini camera should be a nice solution.

Memoto Lifelogging Wearable Mini Camera

Tiny Digital Camera

December 17, 2010 | In: Digital Camera

We’re not sure whether the tiny digital camera is the smallest one all over the world, but it’s in truth the most mini camera that we’ve ever seen.

Tiny Digital Camera