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No doubt, It’s the most delicious iPhone 4 case we’ve ever seen. So if you have the Chocoo Creamy Swarovski crystals iPhone 4 case, don’t ever let your baby touch it. You know what’s going to happen.

Delicious Chocoo Creamy Swarovski Crystals iPhone 4 Case

For those cool riders, except a suit of tight leather clothing, the most important thing should be several alternative creative motorcycle helmets. Apparently GOOD had the same feeling.

Creative Motorcycle Helmets by GOOD

All innovative gadgets will be dressed up in the stunning Swarovski crystals. Apparently this is why it’s called CrystalRoc. Now it’s turn of iPhone 4.

Swarovski Crystals iPhone 4 Cover by CrystalRoc

We’ve seen the golden Xbox 360 mod and many modifications by Swarovski crystals. Now Xbox 360 and Swarovski crystals meet together.

Swarovski Crystals Xbox 360 Mod by CrystalRoc

Customized Swarovski Crystals Scooter

Many of us especially those fashionable girls love the Swarovski crystals. Unlike the gadgets of Swarovski crystals introduced before, this is a big one: Kymco scooter.

Customized Swarovski Crystals Apple iPad by CrystalRoc

It’s true, this bling is upcoming Apple iPad instead of an iPad case, and I’m sure that you can’t easily pry Swarovski crystals out of the surface of the customized iPad.


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