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What will happen when superheroes meet those iconic droids in Star Wars? The question looks a bit strange, but talented designer can give us an amazing answer.

When Superheroes Meet Star Wars Droids

Can you imagine what will be happened when designer combines a classic VW camper van with those famous superheroes? No idea? The My Superhero VW T1 art prints will show you the answer.

My Superhero VW T1 Art Prints

Want your favorite superhero to always stay with you? Take a look at DC Universe superhero keychain series. These tiny superhero figures may be able to catch your eyes.

Kidrobot DC Universe Superhero Keychain Series

It seems there powerful and sexy female superheroes has gotten their latest costumes that look like being made with milk. Curious? Let’s go on checking AurumLight’s Splash Heroes 2015 Milk Calendar.

AurumLight Splash Heroes 2015 Milk Calendar

What will happen when superheroes meet classic Flemish painting? You have no idea? Take a look the following Flemish superhero and pop culture character portraits, they should be a pretty cool answer.

Awesome Flemish Superhero and Pop Culture Character Portraits

We’re not sure what those superheroes do when they don’t need to face those powerful supervillains. Fortunately, a highly skilled photographer captured these lonely superheroes wander in those void landscapes when they have nothing to do.

The Lonely Superheroes Captured by Photographer

A crochet hat should be a nice idea to keep your head warm in winter. If you’re also a big fan of superheroes, the following handmade superhero inspired crochet hats may draw your more attention.

The Handmade Superhero Inspired Crochet Hats

LEGO minifigures can’t be used to show your LEGO talents. Apparently, all LEGO artists know this so the talented LEGO master brought the awesome LEGO superhero action figures.

The Awesome LEGO Superhero Action Figures