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Like many of us, those powerful superheroes and famous pop culture characters also like resting on the sofa. Curious? Let’s go on checking the LEGO superheroes and their favorite couches.

LEGO Superheroes and Their Favorite Couches

All they are our familiar superheroes, by apparently they look much cuter than their original looks. Like the style? Let’s go on checking the baby superhero art prints.

The Pretty Cute Baby Superhero Art Prints

It seems these famous superheroes eta too much. Would they still welcome if they got fat? Anyway, the chunky superhero illustration series look pretty hilarious.

Hilarious Chunky Superheroes

We featured a set of awesome superhero themed illustrations by Chow Hon Lam. If you’re still curious about the part time jobs of other famous superheroes, let’s keep checking the two part of the illustration series.

The Part Time Jobs of Superheroes Illustration Series Part Two

We don’t know how those famous superheroes kill their leisure time, but talented designer gave them a few interesting suggestions. Let’s go on checking the part time jobs of the superheroes.

The Part Time Jobs of the Famous Superheroes

The talented designer found a new way to highlight these powerful superheroes. Curious? Let’s go on checking “Materialize” superhero illustration series.

"Materialize" Superhero Illustration Series

Symbolic details plus iconic colors, it’s impossible not to know who they are. If you like superheroes or minimal design, the following superhero minimalist poster collection should catch your eyes.

The Superhero Minimalist Poster Collection

Which superhero in The Avengers is your favorite? If you’re a big fan of Thor, no doubt, the following Thor deluxe action figure will catch your eyes.

Avengers Thor Deluxe Action Figure