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Can you imagine what will happen when Tetris combines with LEGO bricks? Take a look at the following stop motion video, it should be the best answer.

LEGO Tetris Stop Motion Video

Those colored sticky notes have been attracted by the ongoing Super Mario video game, so they decided to create a unique Mushroom Kingdom with themselves. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Super Mario stop motion video.

Super Mario Stop Motion Video Created with Post-It-Notes

Captain America is back along with his courage and powerful shield. His mission is to eliminate these brutal Nazis even though they had been clothed in LEGO.

LEGO Captain America Stop Motion Video

The history of the world is a long, tedious subject, of course, it’s just our opinion. But we have various interesting ways to learn it such as the stop motion about the history of the world.

The History of the World in Stop Motion

No doubt, Minecraft is an outstanding video game full of creativity that allows you to create your own fantastic world or recreate those iconic scenes such as the following Super Mario themed stop motion video produced in Minecraft.

Super Mario Themed Stop Motion Video Produced in Minecraft

We have featured a few Super Mario inspired gadgets built with perler beads. But we never thought those beaded characters could become stars in a stop motion video. However, someone has achieved it.

Awesome Beaded Super Mario Stop Motion Video

Apparently we can not only turn LEGO bricks into iPad, several boxes of plasticine can also be used to create the incredible tablet. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking the iPad themed stop motion video.

Plasticine iPad Stop Motion Video

It’s a shame we had missed last year’s stop motion commercial by LEGO, but fortunately LEGO has released the second LEGO Click promo named “The Brick Thief”.

LEGO Click Stop Motion Commercial