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How to more comfortably enjoy your favorite Star Trek TV series in the inflatable captain chair? You may need a bag of crisps and a matching pillow.

Star Trek The Original Series Pillow

The super-cute Funko style is spreading between the crew and aliens from Star Trek. If you like the famous sci-fi franchise, let’s go on checking the Star Trek: The Original Series mini figures.

Funko Star Trek The Original Series Mini Figures

As a big fan of Star Trek you may have owned the inflatable captain chair, but don’t forget your dog that always accompany you to watch Star Trek so let’s go on checking the Star Trek captain’s chair inspired pet bed.

Star Trek Captain's Chair Pet Bed

No doubt, Star Trek is well-received, your dog may also be attracted by the vast universe in the sci-fi franchise. Then let’s go on checking the Star Trek Enterprise plush chew toy.

Star Trek Enterprise Plush Chew Toy for Dogs

Sorry, the USS Enterprise can’t take you to travel in the vast universe, but if you want a cool way to wake you up in the morning, the Star Trek USS Enterprise projection alarm clock may be able to catch your eyes.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

Want to be a member of the crew of USS Enterprise? At first you must have their uniform. Take a look at the Star Trek THG uniform hoodie, it should be suitable for you.

Star Trek TNG Uniform Hoodie

No doubt, The Next Generation is the most classic season of Star Trek TV series. If you’re also a faithful fan, the Star Trek TNG poster set may be able to catch your eyes.

Star Trek The Next Generation Poster Set

We have introduced several nice Star Trek themed drink coasters, but if you like the gorgeous poster art, the following Star Trek classic art coaster set may draw your more attention.

Star Trek Classic Art Coaster Set