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Apparently the Borg cube doesn’t have enough power to destroy anything in your house, but it can bring you fresh foods and beverages. Curious? Let’s go on checking the Star Trek Borg cube mini fridge.

Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge

Don’t worry, the hand-held phaser isn’t a destructive laser weapon, but you can use it to to control your TV, iPod and other gadgets. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Star Trek original phaser universal remote control.

Star Trek Orginal Phaser Universal Remote Control

As a faithful fan of Star Trek, you must have owned many Star Trek themed gadgets, but if you still want to add some Star Trek art in your house, the following propaganda art prints may catch your eyes.

Star Trek Propaganda Art Prints

The mission of the iconic central starships from Star Trek is to split your favorite pizza. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking the Star Trek USS Enterprise pizza cutter set.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter Set

Apparently, the tiny USS Enterprise can’t bring you to discover mysterious universe, but if you want or open your favorite beers, the Star Trek USS Enterprise bottle opener will help you.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

Melting the sense of adventure in your favorite beverage and sharing with your friends. That sounds cool? Let’s go on checking the Star Trek classic Starfleet ice cube tray.

Star Trek Classic Starfleet Ice Cube Tray

How to more comfortably enjoy your favorite Star Trek TV series in the inflatable captain chair? You may need a bag of crisps and a matching pillow.

Star Trek The Original Series Pillow

The super-cute Funko style is spreading between the crew and aliens from Star Trek. If you like the famous sci-fi franchise, let’s go on checking the Star Trek: The Original Series mini figures.

Funko Star Trek The Original Series Mini Figures