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How can we waste the bright sunshine? It can charge our mobile devices in an eco-friendly way. Nice idea? Let’s keep checking the following Port solar charger.

Port Solar Charger Fits on Your Windows

It’s not another iPad Air in folio case, but an eco-friendly backup battery for your mobile devices. Curious? Let’s go on checking Solartab, a portable and stylish solar charger.

Solartab A Portable and Stylish Solar Charger

Don’t always stay in your office. You need to breathe the fresh air outside. Want to know whether you have gotten the right amount of natural light? SunSprite, the wearable solar light tracker will help you.

SunSprite Wearable Solar Light Tracker

The Ginko is not a table lamp that can illuminate in your room, but if you want an eco-friendly way to charge your mobile device at home, the tree inspired solar charger will help you.

The Ginko Tree Inspired Solar Charger

In addition to Rukus II, Eton also released rukus Xtreme, a higher-end wireless Bluetooth speaker with solar charger. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Eton Rukus Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Solar Charger

You have been tired of frequently charging your wireless keyboard for iPad? Take a look at the solar powered iPad keyboard case, it may be more suitable for you.

The Solar Powered iPad Keyboard Case

You can simply use a backpack to hold your essentials for cycling, hiring and more, but if you also need a handily way to charge your mobile devices, the BrikSun Levels solar backpack may be more suitable for you.

BirkSun Levels Solar Powered Backpack

Want a compact camera with all-day battery life to capture all amazing moments in a day? Take a look at Sun & Cloud solar powered digital camera, it should be a nice solution.

Sun & Cloud Solar Powered Digital Camera