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SVPER Concept Smartphone Boasts a Transparent AMOLED Display

We always see some news about transparent display around the web. What the phone will look like when the technology applies to a phone? SVPER, the concept smartphone with a transparent AMOLED display may be a reasonable answer.

The SVPER Concept Smartphone has a Transparent AMOLED Display


VAIO Phone Biz is a Handsome Windows 10 Smartphone

JIP (Japan Industrial Partner) has been releasing several new VAIO laptops since they purchased the famous laptop brand. Now they has unveiled the first VAIO branded Windows 10 smartphone – VAIO Phone Biz.

VAIO Phone Biz Windows 10 Smartphone


HTC One X9 Smartphone Boasts 3GB RAM, 5.5-Inch Display, 3,000mAh Battery and More

HTC has announced their latest Android smartphone – HTC One X. With its 3GB RAM, 5.5-inch display and 3,000mAh battery, the new handset delivers you excellent performance, and it only costs approx $370.

HTC One X9 Android Smartphone


Microsoft Lumia 550 is an Affordable Windows 10 Phone with 4G LTE

Microsoft has released Lumia 550, their latest Windows 10 smartphone with 4G LTE. If you want to try Microsoft’s Windows 10 mobile OS, the Windows phone with a $139 price tag should be a nice idea.

Microsoft Lumia 550 Affordable Windows 10 Phone with 4G LTE


OnePlus X Smartphone Announced with Decent Hardware and $249 Price Tag

OnePlus has announced their latest smartphone: OnePlus X. With its decent hardware, the highly custom Android phone will bring us high performance, and its $249 price tag can draw many people’s attention.

OnePlus X Smartphone with Decent Hardware and $249 Price Tag


HTC One A9 Smartphone Boasts Elegant Aluminum Unibody

We’re not sure whether the recently released HTC One follows the design of iPhone 6, but the combination of smooth back with two narrow antenna lines, arc sides and 2.5D screen exactly makes the new smartphone look like an Android version of iPhone.

HTC One A9 Smartphone


Oppo R7s Smartphone Shows off Ultra Slim Profile and Decent Configuration

Oppo has announced R7s, their latest flagship smartphone. In addition to decent configuration, the Android phone also shows off its charming ultra-slim profile with ultra-narrow bezel.

Oppo R7s Smartphone



Samsung Galaxy Z3 Tizen Smartphone Announced

Following the release of their first Tizen smartphone Z1 early this year, Samsung has announced their second Tizen phone – Galaxy Z3. Let’s go on checking what new features or improvement can be found on the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z3 Tizen Smartphone


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