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Notify you of phone calls, messages, calendar and more, dance to your favorite music with various lighting effects. Sounds pretty cool? Let’s go on checking Notti smart light.

Notti App-Controlled Smart Light

The smart light is a signal to tell others your umbrella is available for sharing. Want to help others or make new friends in the rain? The Umbrella Here will be a great idea.

Umbrella Here A Smart Light for Your Umbrella

Need an easy way to create romantic atmosphere or remotely control your light in your house? Take a look at ilumi, the Bluetooth enabled smart LED light may be able to catch your eyes.

Ilumi Bluetooth Enabled Smart LED Light

We have introduced a few nice mood lights, but if you want a smart light, Light by Moore’sCloud, an app controlled mood light may be more suitable for you.

Light by Moore'sCloud Smart Mood Light

Want to express your mood or or receive notifications in a creative way? Take a look at L8 SmartLight, the smart LED light for smartphone and PC should be able to catch your eyes.

L8 Smart LED Light for Smartphone and PC