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Belkin recently released a new WeMo LED lighting start set that contains two smart bulbs and one link. If you want to use your smartphone to control the lighting your house, it may be a nice option.

Belkin WeMo Smart LED Lighting Starter Set

Need a simple and effective way to monitor indoor temperature, humidity abs barometric pressure? Take a look Tempo, the smart environment monitor may be a nice solution.

BlueMaestro Tempo Smart Environment Monitor

We know you have many methods to make alimentative and healthy food at home, but if you want to add some high technologies in your cooking, the SmartyPans smart cooking pan may be a nice solution.

SmartyPans Smart Cooking Pan

Complex movement tracking, simple yet sleek design, most importantly, Misfit Flash boasts a budget-friendly pricing tag. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the smart fitness tracker.

Misfit Flash A Budget Friendly Full-Feature Fitness Tracker

Don’t expect you can use the smart ring to track your movement, but if you want to read messages from your smartphone on your finger, the MOTA smartring may be a nice solution.

MOTA SmartRing Lets You Read Messages on Your Finger

Garmin recently launched vivosmart, its latest smart device combined with fitness tracker and smartwatch, and the wearable device has been available for $169 USD. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Tracker with Smartwatch Now Available

In addition to SmartBand Talk, Sony also announced another wearable smart deviceSmartWatch 3. Want to compare with the smart watch with Moto 360 and ZenWatch? Let’s go on checking.

Sony SmartWatch 3 Smart Watch Announced

ASUS has announced its first wearable smart deviceZenWatch. If you need a fashionable companion for your smartphone, let’s go on checking the new smart watch.

ASUS ZenWatch Smart Watch Announced