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Unlike all smart wristbands tracking your activists and health on the market, the wearable fitness tracker fits on your ear. Like the method? Let’s go on checking SensoTRACK fitness tracker.

SensoTRACK Fitness Tracker Fits on Your Ear

How to track your tress and effectively bring your body back into balance? Take a look at Olive, the smart bracelet will help you manage your tress.

Olive Smart Bracelet Helps You Manage Stress

Jaybird Reign wristband not only track your daily movements, but also notify you when it’s the correct time to exercise. If you’re sports lover, the fitness tracker may be a nice option.

Jaybird Reign Fitness Tracker for Sports Lovers

The smart adapter provides a smart way to automatically adjust your air conditioner for a comfortable home environment. If you like the idea, you may like to use Ambi Climate to turn your AC into a smart device.

Ambi Climate Turns Air Conditioner into Smart Device

How many cards do you have in the wallet? If you don’t want too many cards to bulk your wallet, you may like to use the Plastic Card to replace all your cards in the wallet.

The Plastic Card Replaces All Your Cards in the Wallet

The smart device can track your activities, but it focuses on changing your bad habits instead of physical exercises. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking Pavlok smart wristband.

Pavlok Smart Wristband Focuses on Changing Your Bad Habits

It’s not only a cushion that lets you sit comfortably, but also a smart device to monitor your posture and help you adopt healthy sitting habits. Pretty cool? Let’s go on checking Darma smart cushion.

Darma The World's First Smart Seat Cushion

SmartMat Smart Yoga Mat

October 3, 2014 | In: Smart Devices

Forget your yoga video, the SmartMat will bring you a more intuitive and effective way to correct your yoga poses at home. Curious? Let’s go on checking the smart yoga mat.

SmartMat Smart Yoga Mat