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It’s an unprecedented age full of smart devices. Forget your normal pepper spray, you need a smarter way to protect yourself. The idea sounds nice? Let’s go on checking the Defender smart pepper spray.

The Defender Smart Pepper Spray

Forget blindly punching and kicking on your punching bag. If you need a more effective way to master the material arts, you may like to use the Striker to turn your punching bag into a smart device.

The Striker Turns Your Punching Bag into Smart Device

The smart light is a signal to tell others your umbrella is available for sharing. Want to help others or make new friends in the rain? The Umbrella Here will be a great idea.

Umbrella Here A Smart Light for Your Umbrella

Like jogging every morning or nightfall? Then you may like to know how you run. Take a look at runScribe, the fitness tracker for runners should be a nice solution.

runScribe Fitness Tracker for Runners

Sync not only is a fitness tracker to monitor your steps, calories burned and REM sleep, but also a locator to locate your kid in crowed public areas. If you need these functions, let go on checking the health, location and activity tracker.

Sync Health, Location and Activity Tracker for Family

How many remote controls do you have at home? Have you been tired of finding them time after time? Take a look at iRBeacon, you may like to use the adapter to turn your smartphone into a universal remote for your appliances.

iRBeacon Turns Smartphone into a Remote Control for Appliances

You may have owned a fitness tracker to monitor your activities, but if you still need more smart devices to enhance your health life, you may like to take a look at the Hug smart bottle adapter.

The Hug Smart Bottle Adapter Tracks Your Water Intake and Hydrate

You may have a home monitoring system, but not all the systems monitor gas leakage. If you also need the function, the following Kepler smart home gas detector may be able to catch your eyes.

Kepler Smart Home Gas Detector