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The HIRIS has been more than what a normal smartwatch can bring you like tracking your activities and communicating with your smartphone. Now you can use your gestures to control other devices. Curious? Let’s go on for the wearable computer.

HIRIS More Than a Smartwatch

Using its smart outlets and hub, Domus will turn your appliances in your house into smart devices. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking Domus smart home automation system.

Domus An Affordable Smart Home Automation System

The Flow monitors your water supply pipe and lets you know how much water you’re using. Like the idea? Let’s go on checking the smart water meter.

Flow Smart Water Meter Helps You Save Water

Undoubtedly women not only focus on their daily activity, so adding some fashionable elements is a nice idea for wearables to catch their eyes such as Viawear’s Tyia smart bracelet.

Viawear Tyia Fasionable Smart Bracelet for Women

The Branto lets you have a full remote presence in your house, so you can see or hear what is happening even if you’re not at home. If you like the feature, let’s go on checking Branto smart home hub.

Branto Smart Home Hub with Full Remote Presence

Incipio has announced their latest HomeKit-compatible DIRECT smart home automation product series that includes a smart power strip, smart outlet and smart light bulb adapter at present. Curious? Let’s go on checking.

Incipio DIRECT Wireless Smart Device Series Announced

No doubt, LookSee is a female friendly smart bracelet, and based on different fashion trends and mood, you can easily change the patten on the bracelet. Sounds cool? Let’s go on checking.

LookSee Smart Bracelet with a Curved E-ink Display

Razer announced a new wearable smart device at CES 2015 – Nabu X. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking what new features will be brought by the new smartband.

Razer Nabu X Smart Wristband Announced