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Sprout Smart Plant Monitor

December 20, 2014 | In: Smart Devices

We roughly know when the pot plants need water or sunshine, but if you want to more scientifically take care of your lovely plants, the Sprout smart plant monitor may be a nice idea.

Sprout Smart Plant Monitor

Protect teen drivers, track trips, vehicle diagnostics, manage fuel costs. If these features can catch your eyes, let’s go on checking miaLinkup app-enabled smart car tracker.

miaLinkup App-Enabled Smart Car Tracker

Temperature, movement, light, UV index, location, Clime lets you handily measure everyday conditions. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking these wireless trackers.

Clime Wireless Trackers Measure Everyday Conditions

The fitness tracker not only tracks your daily activities, but also focuses on your postures. If you like the idea, let’s go on checking Lumo Lift posture and activity tracker.

Lumo Lift Posture and Activity Tracker

Keep all important notifications on your wrist, continuously track your activities, simply swipe for viewing info. If you like these features, let’s go on checking Uno Noteband fitness tracker with notifier.

Uno Noteband Fitness Tracker with Notifier

Need a simple way to monitor the real-time air quality around you? Take a look at Tzoa, the wearable environment tracker may be a suitable solution for you.

Tzoa Wearable Environment Tracker

Want to use your smartphone to control more devices in your house? You may like to take a look at Belkin’s WeMo Maker, it will help you turn low-voltage devices into smart devices.

Belkin WeMo Maker Turns Low-voltage Devices into Smart Devices

The watch designed health and fitness tracker helps measures stress, epileptic seizures, activity and sleep. If you need these functions, let’s go on checking Embrace smart wearable device.

Embrace Medical Quality Health and Fitness Tracker