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AVIADOR not only securely holds your cash and cards, but also provide multiple amazing functions using its USB driver, NFC and panic button. Curious? Let’s go on checking the tracker wallet.

AVIADOR Tracker Wallet with USB Driver, NFC and Panic Button

Sleek slim design and gorgeous color schemes, the two leather wallet designs have undoubtedly caught our eyes. If you like the designs, let’s go on checking the Slim RFID protection leather wallets.

Phoenixwallets Slim RFID Protection Leather Wallet

Want a fashionable and minimal way to take your credit cards and some cash? Have a look at the handmade chestnut slim leather wallet, it may catch your eyes.

The Handmade Chestnut Slim Leather Wallet

Eco-friendly materials, stylish design, and practical functions, no doubt, the SLIDE cork wallet can meet the style of lots of fashionable people. You’re one of them?

The Minimalistic SLIDE Cork Wallet

Not every slim wallet can hold your numerous bank cards and cash, but if you want, the Trim leather wallet should be able to help you.

The Ultra Slim Trim Wallet

We have introduced many nice slim wallets that can hold your cash and cards. But if you wish your wallet also works with your keys, the Liquid Wallet with key hold may be more suitable for you.

The Liquid Wallet with Key Holder

Want a handy way to take out your credit card or money from your wallet? Take a look at Wally Bifold, the minimal pull-tab leather wallet may be a nice solution.

Wally Bifold Minimal Pull-Tab Leather Wallet

Don’t need a bulky wallet to hold too many cards and cash? Then you may like to check the following handmade ultra slim leather wallet.

The Handmade Ultra Slim Leather Wallet