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It’s not very easy to perfectly apply a screen film on your smartphone. If you also think so, PureGear’s PureTek Roll-On screen protector kit may be a nice solution.

PureGear PureTek Roll-On Screen Protector Kit for Smartphones

Booq recently released a complete protection kit for iPhone 5/5s. If you need both iPhone 5s case and tempered glass screen protector, the kit should be able to catch your eyes.

Booq Complete Protection Kit Includes iPhone 5s Case and Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It’s a real headache for me to attach a protective film onto my smartphone. If you also think so, TYLT’s Alin perfect alignment screen protector may be a suitable solution.

TYLT Alin Perfect Alignment Screen Protector

XGearlive recently released its latest tempered glass screen protector for Google Nexus 4. If you need a robust protection for the Android phone, the screen protector should be able to meet demands.

Fantom 4 Tempered Glass Nexus 4 Screen Protector

You must have applied a screen film on your smartphone or tablet for protection, but if you need a stronger way to protect the precious touchscreen, the Holy Grail Series screen protector may be more suitable for you.

The Holy Grail Screen Protector

Rokform has announced its latest protective case kit for iPad mini. If you need a multi functional option, the Rokshield v3 iPad mini case kit should be able to catch your eyes.

Rokform Rokshield v3 iPad Mini Case Kit

No doubt a screen protector prevents you from scratching your touchscreen, but if you want stronger protection, the following Rhino Shield impact resistant screen protector may be more suitable for you.

Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector

SwitchEasy has also released a fully protective rugged case for iPhone 5. If you want an ultra protective method for your precious iPhone 5, the FreeRunner iPhone 5 case may be able to meet your requirements.

SwitchEasy FreeRunner iPhone 5 Case