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No doubt a screen protector prevents you from scratching your touchscreen, but if you want stronger protection, the following Rhino Shield impact resistant screen protector may be more suitable for you.

Rhino Shield Impact Resistant Screen Protector

SwitchEasy has also released a fully protective rugged case for iPhone 5. If you want an ultra protective method for your precious iPhone 5, the FreeRunner iPhone 5 case may be able to meet your requirements.

SwitchEasy FreeRunner iPhone 5 Case

Apparently Nokia Lumia 920 is a successful smartphone, and OtterBox has also released the latest Lumia 920 case based on their famous Defender Series. If you’re using the Windows phone, the protective case may be able to meet your requirements.

OtterBox Defender Series Nokia Lumia 920 Case

You always press wrong keys with your fat fingers on your smartphone with touchscreen? Take a look at qwik-keyz, maybe the keyboard TouchGuide screen protector can help you.

Qwik-keyz Keyboard TouchGuide Screen Protector

For some people like me, it’s not easy to perfectly apply a protective film to iPhone, especially larger iPad, so Guy Richards gives us a nice solution: Kioky screen protector and applicator.

Kioky Screen Protector and Applicator for iPhone and iPad

How did you protect your fragile iPhone 4? For some careless people, a slim case is obviously not enough. Perhaps you could check the Drop series iPhone 4 case by Gumdrop.

Gumdrop Drop Series iPhone 4 Case

Have you prepared a case or sleeve for your fresh iPhone 4? Still not? Perhaps you’d like to check the elegant iPhone 4 leather sleeve manufactured by More-Thing.

Genuine iPhone 4 Leather Sleeve by More-Thing

In addition to iPhone 4 ID credit card case, apparently Case-Mate has many classical cases, for instance, the shiny chrome iPhone 4 case with mirror screen protector.

Case-Mate Chrome iPhone 4 Case with Mirror Screen Protector