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Need a screen protector to perfectly cover all curved glass surface of your new iPhone 6? Take a look at BCN award winning iPhone 6 front panel screen protector, it may be a nice solution.

BCN Award Winning iPhone 6 Screen Protector Covers All Curved Glass Surface

Uncommon has released RetinaGuard, its latest screen protector that not only protects the screen of your Retina device, but also guards your eyes from harmful blue light. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking.

Uncommon RetinaGuard Screen Protector Guards Your Eyes from Blue Light

Element Case recently released Element Glass, its latest glass screen protector for iPhone 5. It’s time to change the scratched protective film for your iPhone? Let’s go on checking.

Element Glass Screen Protrctor for iPhone 5

You have been tired of precisely applying a screen film on your smartphone? Take a look at Puracoat, the liquid screen protector may be a nice solution.

Puracoat Liquid Screen Protector

Need an ultra slim protective case to protect your iPhone 5c and show off the charming design of the handset? Have a look at Booq’s Glass+Case, the iPhone 5c case may be suitable for you.

Booq Glass+Case iPhone 5c Case

Integrated kickstand, screen protector and rugged design, if the three features are all you need for your iPad, Uzbl’s ShockWave iPad Air case may be a nice option.

Uzbl ShockWave iPad Air Case with Kickstand and Screen Protector

Need a convenient and comfortable way to watch coking videos, listen to music and even video chat using your iPad? Take a look at Williams-Sonoma’s Smart Tools, the iPad stand with removable Bluetooth speaker may be suitable for you.

The Smart Tools iPad Stand with Removable Bluetooth Speaker

Want a multi-layer protective case to guard your iPhone 5/5s? Take a look at ZAGG’s Arsenal iPhone 5s case, it may be able to catch your eyes.

ZAGG Arsenal Rugged iPhone 5s Case