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There are no numerous buttons on the universal remote control, but SPIN remote can offer you a more handy way to control your devices in your house. Curious? Let’s go on checking.

SPIN Remote An Easier-to-use Universal Remote Control

We have seen several StarCraft themed LEGO creations by LEGO artists. Now a LEGO StarCraft 2 remote control Siege Tank is gathering support at LEGO Ideas. Want it to become reality? Let’s go on checking.

LEGO Starcraft 2 Remote Control Siege Tank

How many remote controls do you have at home? Have you been tired of finding them time after time? Take a look at iRBeacon, you may like to use the adapter to turn your smartphone into a universal remote for your appliances.

iRBeacon Turns Smartphone into a Remote Control for Appliances

Some smart devices let us control our appliances via our smartphones, but if you need an easier and more intuitive way, the following Conduct will let you control home devices via an light switch.

The Conduct Lets You Control Home Devices via Light Switch

Don’t worry, the hand-held phaser isn’t a destructive laser weapon, but you can use it to to control your TV, iPod and other gadgets. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking Star Trek original phaser universal remote control.

Star Trek Orginal Phaser Universal Remote Control

You like playing computer games or watching videos on your HDTV? Then you may consider a better control method for your computer. Right? Let’s go on checking E-Blue Web@TV wireless keyboard with touchpad and remote control.

E-Blue Web@TV Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad and Remote Control

You can control your smart devices with your smartphone at home. But if you want a more handy way, the Pilot remote control may be a nice solution.

Pilot A Remote Control for Smart Devices

Amazon has announced Fire TV, its latest Android powered set-top box. If you want to know more details about the TV box, let’s go on checking.

Amazon Fire TV Android Set-top Box Announced